Buy ambrosia wholesale in Ukraine: an offer for entrepreneurs

Welcome, an entrepreneur! This page of the site is intended for those who want to buy quality wholesale bee ambrosia.

Our company is engaged in export of bee products from Ukraine abroad. We have all the necessary documents for the implementation of the wholesale trade, as well as official certificates of quality.

Price ambrosia 2016:

Variety                                Amount Price            
Bee ambrosia 1 kg 55 $

The costs for the delivery of raw materials we can discuss with you individually.

Production of pollen and quality standards

We permanently cooperate with proven experienced beekeepers from Ukraine. Our company controls the process of collecting pollen, as well as conducting the subsequent laboratory examination for compliance with quality standards, namely:

  • consist of small irregular lumps;
  • have a distinctive color – from dark yellow to brown;
  • have a spicy smell of honey;
  • do not contain mechanical impurities;
  • were not impressed by the wax moth;
  • the proportion of water in the composition does not exceed 18%;
  • the proportion of wax is not more than 5%.

As you know, high quality has a cost. Our price of ambrosia fully justified by high demands on its characteristics.

How to buy ambrosia wholesale in Ukraine

Ambrosia on a par with other products (honey, pollen, wax) you can buy from us in unlimited quantities. To do this, just call us on the phone, write an email or contact by Skype – as you prefer.